Heidi Janků celebrates 60: Why didn’t I have a child?

Heidi was married for the first time out of youthful infatuation, but the marriage ended after two and a half years, mainly because the singer met the love of her life and her later second husband Ivo Pavlík (†84), who was just divorcing s Vera Špinarová (†65). The musician already had two children at that time, and that’s why he didn’t push Heidi to have a child, on the contrary.

Heidi Janků soon to be 60! What is he up to?

No enthusiasm

“Ivoš did not desire another child. And then, when I got to know him as he is, I suspected that if I accidentally got pregnant and had a child, he would pull himself together, leave and find another singer,” Heidi openly admitted to Aha!. “Nevertheless, there was a period at the beginning of the nineties when we didn’t have much work, I was still young, so we talked about it, but Ivoš always told me this sentence: If you want, I’ll make you a child. Just unenthusiastic.”

The clock wasn’t ticking

And Heidi herself apparently did not want to break it over the knee. “I never felt that my biological clock was ticking, that I should do something about it. Besides, it didn’t work out the natural way, and I would never go against nature, so I take it as it is,” she shrugged. The picture of a happy family, as if from a journal, was not even from her own childhood.

Heidi Janků celebrates 60: Her father kicked her out of the house and denied her before his death!

“Over time, I realized that as my family was more or less dysfunctional, my mother wasn’t there, my father was drinking, my brother was also struggling, so maybe I didn’t want a child so I wouldn’t be a bad parent. We simply lived a full life with Ivoš, and I can’t complain that I don’t have children. I have a whole family from Ivoš’s side, even grandchildren and a great-grandson. I’m happy and I’m definitely not alone.” added the birthday girl.

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