Heidi from ‘X Factor’ suffered a brain haemorrhage and came into an artificial coma: ‘It was a violent experience – but also beautiful’

There are days you will never forget. For Heidi Svelmøe, one of them is the day she had a brain haemorrhage while driving a car – alone.

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She received no warning:

“I could not feel anything. The last thing I thought was whether I should take the motorway or the country road… I turned left past Odense University Hospital, and then – I fainted. “

The car continued into a fence, and from the police report by Heidi Svelmøe, those who came running found her lying over the steering wheel. From one second to the next, her life had changed.

“When something so sudden happens and you just get snapped out of your life… Well, I was just gone,” she says, illustrating with a hand gesture across her neck how close to death she was on November 11 for five years since when she was on her way home after a cozy evening with her childhood friend.

Because the accident happened right next to the hospital. Because the car did not have much speed. And because a woman provided first aid on the spot, Heidi Svelmøe escaped the experience alive.

Do you think that the 43-year-old Heidi Svelmøe seems familiar, it is not entirely coincidental. In 2008, she participated in the very first season of ‘X Factor’, where she with Blachman as a mentor reached the final.

It was the year when Martin from Ørum won the competition and the access to a record contract. While Heidi Svelmøe became known as the singing housewife from Odense, who made Blachman cry already during the bootcamp.

Thomas Blachman was Heidi Svelmøe's mentor during 'X Factor' 2008. Photo Mogens Flindt

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Thomas Blachman was Heidi Svelmøe’s mentor during ‘X Factor’ 2008. Photo Mogens Flindt
Photo: Mogens Flindt

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Since ‘X Factor’, her life has been catapulted out of her usual trajectory a few times.

The first time was when, after 20 years of cohabitation, she was divorced from the father of her two daughters. The second time a few years later, when she went on holiday to St. Croix in the former Danish West Indies and met love again. The third time was when she moved to the Caribbean with her daughters a year later.

“It was an adventure. It is so beautiful and warm and full of colors. It was great to be able to give my children that experience. “

Three months after the move, she and her daughters were back in Denmark on a short visit, when she suffered a brain haemorrhage, which again sent her on a new course.

“It was insane. I have never failed anything, and suddenly you have a freaking cerebral haemorrhage, “she says.

It was an aneurysm that had ruptured. She underwent surgery and was placed in an artificial coma for 11 days while the pressure in her brain was stabilized.

“It’s a violent experience, it’s clear. But there was also something super beautiful about it – and incredible. I had my own inner journey – which has given me experience. It’s really special – and strong to have with you. “

She thinks about. Must find words to describe something that can not be rationally described, because in the 11-day coma she experienced being free of everything we can usually feel limited by – physique and emotions:

“I could move freely in time – both back and forth. There was no feeling of missing anything or that something had broken. There was no longing or sorrow, sadness or worry. “

“I was very aware that I was in a state where I was sick and not with my children, but I felt connected with something bigger.”

The experiences have inspired her to the tracks on the new album, she has just recorded with her band StellarPirate, and which is very symbolically released on November 11th.

»’Breaking Through the Firewall’ is about getting a hole through to the whole. When something like this happens, the body and the physical are not so important. The important thing is the consciousness that is eternal – and part of the universe, “she says.

For her, there is no doubt that after the brain haemorrhage she was in the stage between life and death.

Heidi Svelmøe in front of the Medley studios in Copenhagen, where she has recorded her new record with the band StellarPirate.  Photo by Bax Lindhardt

Heidi Svelmøe in front of the Medley studios in Copenhagen, where she has recorded her new record with the band StellarPirate. Photo by Bax Lindhardt
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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‘I knew I was in the‘ transfer paths ’. I remember thinking it was acidic and that I would notice every detail. In my experience, I was lying in my hospital bed in the middle of a red stone ruin. There was no roof on, so I had open skies above me. It was completely Frida Kahlo’sk, because I was lying in my hospital bed with plants that grew out of the bed and further up…, «she says.

After 11 days, she woke up to a markedly changed reality:

“When you are used to being in paradise and then wake up in November in Denmark, it is like being traveled to Chernobyl,” she says in singing Funen.

Still, she woke up ‘completely happy’.

43 years.
Lives outside Odense with his two daughters Sofie aged 15 and Lea aged 18.
Teaches singing.
Participated in the first season of ‘X Factor’ in 2008, where she was Blachman’s finalist.
Current with the album ‘Breaking Through the Firewall’, which she releases with the band StellarPirate.

“I was here, after all – I was not dead. It’s too wild that you can just splash out and then come back and have the opportunity to take another trip… But it was quite a game. “

Her body had to be awakened again and she had to retrain to walk for a short period of time.

“I was hospitalized for a month and had surgery again because there were more aneurysms.”

When she was finally discharged, it was with the following message from her doctor: ‘You can do everything you could before, just do not smoke’. Five years later, she has no injuries and she’s not worried it will happen again:

»I have not become more strange than I usually am… I get tired faster and take good care of myself and make an effort to live healthy and positive. But I think I should rather spend the time. I enjoy the good things in my life and try not to notice so much the bad ones – there is no time for that. “

After her discharge, she moved back to Denmark with her daughters.

‘Here are my girls, so here I am now. But I draw on the memories from the Caribbean of warmth, light, love and adventure – and yes, I’ll be back. The Caribbean is my second home, and I love who I am when I’m there.

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