Hefner’s widow: She cut her breasts, losing thousands of fans

She wanted to embark on a better journey, to live modestly, not just a soulless Playboy bunny. But it’s not easy. The beautiful and famous Crystal (35), the widow of Hugh Hefner († 91), had her breast implants removed in December 2020 and everything fake that she thought had tarnished her body. And she came across …

She immediately lost thousands of fans and continues to lose her followers. “It is already clear to me that my Instagram viewership has only increased as a result of my publication of provocative images from my period in Playboy magazine,” said the dazzling blonde from San Diego, who now professes the slogan: Modesty is what I am. strengthens.

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Now she watches sadly as her fans continue to disappear in droves after deleting old photos and posting banal images with common content, such as travel. But she doesn’t have to be so sad yet, she still has more than three million followers on Instagram. And many celebrities would consider it a jackpot.

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