Heavy evening rush hour due to new snow in Limburg: traffic jams due to slippery roads and accidents


A heavy snow shower is currently moving across Limburg. The roads are again covered in snow, including the E314 and E313 highways. The road surface temperatures in Limburg also fluctuate around freezing, so that the snow remains.

Karel Moors/Koen Luts/Phillip Pergens

In case of heavy snowfall and a cold road surface, the salt may not work sufficiently to counteract the slipperiness everywhere. The Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) therefore asks road users to drive slowly and keep a good distance from vehicles in front.

Gritters are still driving everywhere in the province to combat the slipperiness. The snow is cleared where necessary. Almost all of Limburg is currently driving slowly and traffic jams are piling up. The many accidents, caused by slipperiness, but for the time being without a heavy human toll, make it a heavy evening rush hour. It is dramatic between Hasselt and Lummen, among others.

“Rain instead of snow has been reported in many places, but those showers may take the form of winter showers in the coming period with hail or rain and melting snow,” our weatherman Ruben Weytjens said earlier today. “There is an explicit warning for tonight: it will freeze and everything that is wet, and that means almost all roads everywhere, can freeze. That is certainly the case where little traffic passes and the road salt cannot act. A lot of road salt has been washed away by gunk. I think the gritters are working hard to get that under control, but even if it stops snowing, it will remain dangerously slippery.”

Code yellow

Elsewhere in the country, the carpet of snow has almost disappeared. Nevertheless, code yellow for smoothness will be maintained until Saturday afternoon. In most provinces there will be a short interruption of the RMI warning on Friday afternoon, but in Limburg, Antwerp and also in Liège and Luxembourg code yellow will continue to apply uninterruptedly until Saturday at 11 am. Code yellow only applies on the coast from 2 a.m. on Saturday, until 11 a.m.

There was a traffic jam on the E314 this afternoon for quite some time.© MiGi

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