Heat wave: towards a new heat wave next week, the first forecasts

A new heat wave is looming the week of August 8 and possibly until the weekend of August 15. Values ​​close to or even greater than 40°C are feared. Point position.

Are we heading straight for a new week in the heat? This is feared by the latest modeling of meteorological models. This Friday, 9 departments were still placed in heat wave orange vigilance.

“It may be that the heat wave starts again from Saturday, this is what our weather stations indicate which serve us as a reference in around thirty cities”, warns Christelle Robert of Météo France quoted by The Parisian. According to the forecaster, a “new heat peak is possible at the end of next week.”

Very hot between Wednesday and Friday

First forecasts confirmed by the GFS model of the National Weather Service of the United States. According to the first models, after a still very hot weekend in the southwest and the country, temperatures will rise again in the West. Monday the maximum should be around 38 / 39 ° C between Occitania and New Aquitaine.

On Tuesday, the wave will reach the northwest of France, from Occitania via the Pays de la Loire to Brittany. On Wednesday, the heat wave is gaining in intensity and should move towards the center of the country. It could be between 38 and 39°C. On Thursday, the heat shifts to the east and will affect a large part of France.

Locally more than 40°C?

But it is Friday that could be the hottest of the week. Locally, the 41°C bar could be exceeded in the Bordeaux region (Gironde) and more generally in New Aquitaine. Forecasts which remain to be confirmed in the coming days with the more precise models of Météo France.

On Friday, the 40°C mark could be exceeded.
GFS – National Weather Service – RUN 0Z of 05/08/22

On the side of the drought, the services of the Prime Minister warned: “The weather forecasts suggest that the situation could continue over the next 15 days, or even become even more worrying.”

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