Heat wave: ten dogs found “half dead” in a van, “some could not even get up”

This Tuesday, while the stifling heat reigned over Belgium, France or even England, an Englishwoman, Hanna Mason, was traveling with her family on board a P&O ferry from Calais to Dover. “As we descended into our car after the crossing, a panicked lady ran for help. I followed her and saw a labrador puppy, half dead“, tells us Hanna whose story was also published by our colleagues at The voice of the North.

Nearby, inside a van, she finds other puppies in a “lamentable“.

Exhausted animals

A total of ten dogs crossed inside a closed van. “Without the air and under a temperature approaching 40°C, the dogs were exhausted. Some couldn’t even get up“continues the woman.

Along with other passengers, she rescued the animals. “We gave them water and then, together with P&O employees, we took them to the ferry’s dog area.”

“An error in judgement”

The animals were in the van of the Daisybrook Kennels And Transport Services company which transports puppies from Europe to England.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the owner admits to having “made a huge error in judgment» and blames a «combination of eventsincluding ferry delays. It’s unclear why they drove him to leave them in a van. “All responsible dog owners have chosen to use our pet lounge, which we have made freesays P&O Ferries.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs came on board and took puppies to a vet. According to the owner of the transport company, the three most affected dogs “were stableand all had to go home on Wednesday.

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