Heat wave: She goes to her supermarket in a bikini and receives a remark from an employee, “I have never felt so humiliated”

A customer of the Tesco supermarket chain says she is “distressed” after receiving a remark from a shop worker in Yorkshire.

The reason ? The young woman wore a bikini top in view of the strong heat that hit the United Kingdom this beginning of the week: “ I have never felt so humiliated and discriminated against in front of everyone “, she said to HullLive.

She came to find me when we were at the automatic checkout. She had left me shopping and then came up to me and said in front of everyone, ‘Next time, could you wear a t-shirt? Even men are not allowed to enter without a t-shirt. It’s house policy.
“, she says. ” Then there was a little argument and she finally told me to grow up “.

Tesco has issued an apology

Luckily, another supermarket worker came to her rescue: She gave me a hug and went to find the store manager. I explained to him that it was not in my habits to wear a top like that but that it was more than 35 degrees “.

The manager, understanding, apologized to his client: “
He said he understood it was not normal weather and that even schools and public services had changed their rules to adapt to the temperatures

The Tesco brand also apologized to the young woman and the employee was summoned by her superior.

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