Heat wave: it has been over 30 degrees since July 3, already 8 days at over 35°C… towards a summer of all records in Perpignan

A new heat peak is expected in the south of France with highs of 35 to 39°C until the end of next week. The heat wave goes into overtime. In Perpignan, this summer of 2022 is already shaping up to be historic.

A severe, long-lasting heat wave. The Pyrénées-Orientales, still placed on heatwave yellow vigilance this Thursday, have been hit hard by this summer of all extremes. If a drop of rain is not to be expected anytime soon, for at least the next two weeks, it is especially on the side of the maximum temperatures that the heat wave, the 45th of the name in France, could well enter the history in Perpignan.

As confirmed by Météo France, this July 21 marks in any case the 18th consecutive day when the maximum values ​​exceeded 30 degrees in Perpignan. And if we look at the forecasts of Météo France, this situation should last at least until July 28. Suffice to say that the episode promises to be remarkable, not to say historic.

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Météo France also confirms that Perpignan has already recorded 8 days of temperatures above 35 degrees since the beginning of summer. Since 1929, such a frequency of days above 35°C has only occurred three times during a summer: 17 days in 2003, 11 days in 1949 and 10 days in 2018. And as pointed out again Météo France, since there are still 40 days left before the end of the summer, the records should not resist this heat wave 2022.

Temperature forecasts for Perpignan until July 28.
@Meteo France

Because a new rise in temperatures will settle from the Rhône-Alpes region to the Mediterranean from this Thursday.

This episode of very hot weather should last at least until the end of the month near the Mediterranean.

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This Thursday, the temperature will be around 33 degrees around 8 p.m. in Perpignan to fall back around 27 degrees around 2 a.m. a tropical night in perspective.

Friday morning, it will be 26 degrees around 8 a.m. Temperatures will then flirt with 35 degrees in the shade around 2 p.m.

For this weekend, the mercury will remain high in Perpignan with highs around 35 degrees under shelter and lows that drop slightly to 23 degrees.

Météo France specifies that by July 28 in Perpignan, the maximum will not drop below 33 degrees. On the other hand, the rainfall forecast also remains nil until the end of the month. An extreme situation that could well continue in August.

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