Heat wave "historical" : Spain suffers with temperatures above 40°C

Spain is facing a very significant heat wave, especially in the center and south of the country. Very high temperatures for the season. 15 of the 17 regions are on alert in the country.

A blazing sun. The Iberian Peninsula has been in the grip of very hot weather for several days. “Of the 17 communities, 15 are on alert for high temperatures,” the newspaper reports. El País. According to our colleagues, this is the earliest heat wave since the start of meteorological records.

tropical nights

“The temperature of the hot air mass that affects Spain at an altitude of 1,500 meters is extraordinary. This historic heat wave is boosted, and this can only be explained by a climate change scenario”, details González Alemán, meteorologist and researcher at Aemet (the national meteorological agency). According to him, climate change is not the cause of heat waves, but it influences their intensity and frequency.

Spain is suffering with locally over 40°C.

In Spain, 40°C was exceeded in more than 68 weather stations. The country is also under the influence of tropical night with a mercury that does not drop below 20°C. Temperatures should not return to normal until Wednesday, at least in the south of the country. In the North, the days will see the sun shine and heat the soil very much. As a result, the fire risk will be extremely high in most regions.

In France, the heat has been gaining ground since this weekend. The hottest day should be Thursday with local highs close to 40°C. Cooler weather could arrive this weekend with the return of thunderstorms.

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