Heat wave: alerted by the climate, Evelyne Dhéliat takes a radical decision

On June 19, viewers of the first channel were worried… And for good reason, Ange Noiret presented the weather forecast in place of Evelyne Dhéliat. An unprecedented situation! The next day, it was Louis Bodin who replaced her to everyone’s surprise. The latest news, the main interested party is doing well. But in the past, the widow of Philippe Maraninchi has encountered some health concerns…

10 years ago, the ex-sister of Jean-Pierre Pernaut learned that she had breast cancer. In the midst of turmoil, Evelyne Dhéliat hid her illness for a long time… But in 2019, she agreed to indulge in this subject. “At the time, I told myself that it was not worth talking about it and that it might go unnoticed”revealed the emblematic figure of TF1 to our colleagues from Entertainment TV.“I was operated on and I had heavy treatments. People started wondering why I wasn’t there. So I decided to say it. I came back, I had a wig. It was difficult for me to live through all of this”.

“You are great, you are amazing”

This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Evelyne Dhéliat decided to launch… On Twitter! Very quickly, thousands of Internet users subscribed to his account. “Delighted to take my first steps on Twitter France, in these first days of summer. An account to inform you of weather forecasts in France, climate issues, but also to discuss with you »she said in a post.

Not a little proud to receive countless messages from her subscribers, Evelyne Dhéliat wanted to answer them. “Well, it’s been 24 hours since I launched my Twitter account, you’re great, you’re incredible! »she rejoiced. “You are already thousands of followers, so obviously I can’t thank you one after the other, but in any case the heart is there, thank you”!


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