Heat wave: after the heat records, place to a relative freshness in the region

No more 40°C. Gard, Hérault and Aude should return to more bearable temperatures this Saturday, although still above normal for the season. The early heat wave moved towards the north and east of France, before giving way to thunderstorms at the end of the weekend.

It’s far from being a scoop, it was very hot this Friday in France, and particularly in Occitania. If part of the departments of the former Midi-Pyrénées were placed on red “heat wave” vigilance, it was indeed in Hérault, Gard and Aude that it was the hottest. Rest assured, the worst is behind us!

The heat wave – “remarkable for its precocity and its intensity” specified Météo France yesterday – will continue its course towards the north and east of the country. It is now in Paris, Strasbourg and the cities of New Aquitaine to suffer the 40 ° C, temperature cheerfully crossed in several municipalities of Occitania this Friday, before the storms come to put an end to this heat wave in the night of Sunday to Monday.

End of the heat wave on Sunday

You won’t have to wait so long to find a semblance of freshness in Gard, Hérault or even Lozère. “We are going to lose up to 7°C locally, specifies Florence Vaysse, regional delegate of Météo France. For the day of Saturday, the maximum temperatures should be around 35°C.

It’s still above normal for the season, but not commensurate with what we’ve experienced over the past two days!” Other good news, the delta between day and night will increase. From Sunday, it will take 31 Maximum °C in the region.

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