Heat wave: 19 departments on orange alert, the heat will hit France

Météo France has just placed 19 departments on orange alert for “an early and marked scorching episode” of high heat. Temperatures will locally exceed 40°C in France.

It is a real blow of the torch that awaits the inhabitants of the west and south of France in the coming days. An episode of intense heat wave and very early for the season is falling on the hexagon. The heat will gradually gain in intensity over the next few hours.

35 to 40 degrees

In details, 23 departments are on orange alert for Heat wave and 18 others on yellow alert for thunderstorms. Information updated at 4 p.m. by the services of Météo France. This Wednesday, June 15, the temperatures “are between 30 and 35 degrees in the south of the country.”

23 departments are placed on heatwave orange vigilance.
Meteo France

In its bulletin, Météo France mentions “a heat wave marked by unprecedented precocity.” This Thursday, June 16, “temperatures will be rising over much of the country. The heat wave thresholds will be reached in the South-West, the Pays de Loire and the middle Rhône valley. The maximum temperatures will be between 35 and 40 degrees in these regions.” On Friday and Saturday, the heat will shift to the north and east of France.

More than very high temperatures during the day, it is the continuity of high heat that is feared. The nights could be tropical with very high lows. It is recommended to close the shutters during the day and open them in the evening to let in the bit of freshness. The prefectures will undoubtedly take measures in the coming hours to help the populations most at risk.

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