Heat still increasing: towards 40 ° also in Rome, Bologna and Florence.

Rome, June 22, 2022 – Italy increasingly tighter in the grip of the heat and the record heat, particularly unusual for this time of year. According to the latest Health Ministry heat wave bulletin, it will be level 3 alert (red dot)the highest, tomorrow in four cities (Bologna, Bolzano, Florence and Perugia) and the day after tomorrow in seven (Bologna, Bolzano, Campobasso, Florence, Perugia, Pescara and Rieti). Level 2 alertinstead (orange stamp) tomorrow in ten cities (Ancona, Brescia, Campobasso, Catania, Milan, Palermo, Pescara, Rieti, Trieste and Verona), the day after tomorrow again in ten (Ancona, Brescia, Catania, Frosinone, Messina, Milan, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Trieste and Verona). Level 2 indicates “weather conditions that may pose a health risk, particularly in the most susceptible subgroups of the population”, level 3 “emergency conditions with possible negative effects on the health of healthy and active people and not only on subgroups to risks such as the elderly, very young children and people suffering from chronic diseases. The more prolonged the heat wave – warns the ministry – the greater are the expected negative effects on health “).

The river Po without water near Piacenza (Ansa)

The temperaturesespecially those perceived: tomorrow peaks of 36 degrees are expected in Catania, Milan, Trieste and Verona, the day after tomorrow peaks of 38 degrees in Ancona, 37 in Messina, 36 in Catania, Florence, Frosinone, Milan, Reggio Calabria and Verona.

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The beginning of next week, says ilMeteo.it, will be even hotter, with Rome, Bologna and Florence that could start towards 40 degrees. 3bmeteo says that “the great heat could continue even in the immediately following days, due to the extension of the North African anticyclone to the countries of central-eastern Europe, thus passing through the whole of Italy. If the trend is confirmed, all our regions would find themselves in canicular climatic conditions, with the apex of heat in the South and on the major islands, until the end of June “.

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