Heartstrings: Songs that marked the best moments of the drama

Heartstrings is a drama that takes us to meet several students who dream of making it in music, so the story included not only great OSTs, but also memorable performances within the episodes.

Between the musical dramas that cannot be missing from the list of a good fan we find Heartstrings, this kdrama It premiered in 2011, so more than 10 years have passed since its launch, but it is undoubtedly a story that left its mark.

To begin with, this drama stars Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwawho had already coincided in the Korean series titled You’re Beautiful. heart strings takes us into a school where there are students who specialize in classical music and others in modern music, leading us to learn about the enmity of two groups that end up working together.

Do you want to relive this drama through its songs? Below you will find a collection of melodies that we heard at key moments in history.

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Best Heartstrings songs performed by the characters

The drama introduces us to a school band that became known among the students, in the first episodes we hear them performing a cover of this popular tune. There are several K-Dramas that did their own version of this track, do you remember some?

The drama also had sad songs and one of them was written by the protagonist to accompany his loss, because in the story the character of Yonghwa he composes it after his father loses his life.

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The protagonists are not the only ones who sing within this drama, Kang Min-hyuk He played one of the secondary characters, but he also showed off his talent in music, in many episodes we saw him as a drummer, but he also played this sweet melody in one of his presentations.

Another of the songs performed by Yong Hwa in this drama was sung at school to naimar the protagonist, in the end everyone could hear it but the track achieved its goal.

This is the song that the character of Park Shin Hye sang for her audition. Although it seemed that she would not arrive on time, she was able to do so thanks to Lee shin and so he showed his talent in front of everyone.

This was the main song within the musical that the characters of the drama presented in the story, however in the scene where they finally present the show, Lee Kyu Won sing from behind the stage. Although the timing was sad for many reasons, in the end everyone got a little bit of what they were looking for in this show.

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