Heartland reveals iconic duo: Now they’re back

For almost four years, they have been away from the country’s music festivals.

But it’s over now. They are back.

The iconic hip hop duo Nik & Jay are among the names for next year’s Heartland Festival.

That’s what Heartland Festival writes in a press release.

In the past, you have been able to experience Nik & Jay at Smukfest and Roskilde Festival. But the last time you could experience the ‘Hot’ duo was at the NorthSide festival back in 2018.

Fans of the iconic duo had been looking forward to seeing them on tour in 2021. The duo was supposed to have been on a tour in connection with their 20th anniversary in the industry, but it was only postponed until the spring of 2022, and then the tour was completely canceled and replaced with an intimate concert.

But it is being redone now.

Therefore, many fans can look forward to the party once again being allowed to run wild with tracks such as ‘Hot’, ‘Lækker’, ‘One day back’ and ‘Boing!’ and many others.

However, Nik & Jay are not the only ones you can experience at Heartland from the 8th to the 10th. June next year. The singers Andreas Odbjerg and MØ, the band Ganger, PRISMA, Sevdaliza, the American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson and the legend Fatboy Slim are among the names that will join The Minds of 99.

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