Healthy Juice: Drink this green juice after waking up in the morning, leaving tea, it will remain energetic throughout the day, expert told how to make

In today’s time, not only people like to keep themselves active throughout the day. But it is also the demand of today’s time. To keep the pace in this run-of-the-mill life, you must try such methods which can keep you full of energy during the day. If you do not know any such method, then renowned dietician Mansi Padechia can fully help you in this.

He has shared a post on his Instagram account, in which he has told about vegetable juice. She is advising to drink this juice in the morning. We know you probably start your day with tea or coffee. But we will also tell you that once you must try to consume this green juice as told by Mansi. Let us know how this juice is made.

how to make green juice

juice ingredients

  • sliced ​​gourd
  • Cucumber
  • mint leaves
  • Lemon juice
  • cumin powder
  • Salt
  • Parsley

how to make green juice

To make juice, all you have to do is take all these ingredients and put them in a blender jar. Now let the blender run until it completely turns into liquid. It will be beneficial to drink this juice along with it.

Now know the benefits of this juice

According to Mansi, there are many benefits of this juice which can be seen on health. The list of these benefits is as follows.

cleans the blood and removes toxins
Consuming juice purifies your blood. Apart from this, this juice detoxifies the liver and also produces red blood cells. This juice also helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Along with this, it also reduces bile and fat from the liver. Due to which the heart also remains healthy.

Helpful in increasing eyesight

This juice is also considered beneficial for the eyes. This juice contains many vitamins and minerals. It not only improves your eyesight. It also improves your immunity as well.

balance pitta dosha

This juice also strengthens your pitta. Let us tell you that weight loss becomes very easy due to the strength of pitta. Also, it purifies the body and removes waste material.

Do not wait now, make juice by mixing these ingredients today. Drink yourself and feed your family too.

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