Healthy hatred in “Drops” because of Anelia, Krisia collapsed with fake singing

February 20, 2022, 10:00

Healthy hate took the show “Like two drops of water” because of the tenth participant this year, whose name was kept secret until the last moment, namely – the folk singer Anelia.

At the start of the show last Monday, she stood out as one of the most unloved on his stage. Only her colleague Mariana Popova and the actor Darin Angelov can compete on this indicator. Viewers can’t explain the high positive vote that Anelia received on the first live, and they are sure that there is something set in it.

The first thing that impressed Anelia on Monday night’s show on Nova TV was the fact that she was supposed to incarnate in her Greek colleague Elena Paparizou, but failed to enter the image. The star from Stara Zagora was herself in appearance, behavior and singing style, despite the fact that Funky praised her for stealing the ornaments. Koko Dinev’s first wife collected the most comments on the show’s fan page and the vast majority of them are negative.“She thought she was at a Payner concert,” Anelia sings like Anelia. Nothing to do with the image “,” Like two drops “Payner” we will watch this year. And Anelia has never, ever been able to sing and with this constant grin I am repulsed “, fans of the form are mocked. They scoff at the fact that the singer was presented as a special surprise for the audience, thus being placed at a higher level than the other participants. “I thought it would be a pleasant surprise, but she … ordinary …”, commented one of the viewers. Another added: “If it was Stoichkov or Zueka, it would really be a surprise! And then Anelia! ” People deeply doubt that the high audience vote that the singer of “Look me in the eye” received is real.Young Krisia is the other participant who disappointed in the first show. The girl entered the show as a favorite for the finals after her worthy second place as Gabarko in “The Masked Singer” last fall. But he exposed himself with fake singing in the image of Tony Braxton, with whom he chose to debut in “Drops”. “I think it went pretty well,” said the former child prodigy. But the truth is that I sing very badly. There was embarrassment in the jury members’ expressions when they heard her speak in front of the microphone. Her colleague Alexander Sano, who had previously gone through the stage with the image of the rocker Damiano David from the Italian band “Monesskin”, also worried about the teenager and this is evident in the way he watched her performance. Both he and the jury seemed to they prayed to God that things would get better, but they didn’t get better. And if the audience can forgive that she didn’t show any singing skills, believing that the song is not suitable for the girl, they can’t seem to forgive that Krisia is no longer 9 years old. The teenager was widely criticized for the way she wore make-up in the recording before her performance on stage, as well as for her clothes, which according to commentators resemble a Payner star.At the same time, as Weekend long predicted, Alexander Sano and Krasi Radkov are emerging as favorites of the audience. The charming Ruslan Maynov, who is rated as one of the most vocal participants in the show this year, is also enjoying great audience approval. Monu Monev also garnered sympathy, although he did not climb high in the rankings, and Esil Duran was described as the big surprise of the evening with his victory in the image of Aretha Franklin.

For Alicia, people are wondering how she sang better than Chrissy. The folk star obviously has a lot of loyal fans or she has simply adopted a style of behavior that does not irritate the audience, unlike her colleague Anelia. Again, as expected, Mariana Popova and Darin Angelov are the participants who receive the weakest audience support. People are wondering why Mariana did not keep her promise to stop singing, which she officially gave on the national air less than two months ago. And they remind that before this promise she gave another thing, which she also has not kept so far – to leave our country.

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