Healthy eating without a diet! Endocrine points out steps to have a positive relationship with food

The beginning of the year is time to update goals and plan the routine: is eating healthier and saying goodbye to crazy diets among your wishes? For this, some steps are essential in everyday life, as pointed out by Dr. Paula Pires, an endocrinologist from USP.

“Currently, more than before, people look to me beyond weight loss. They seek to improve their mental health, their metabolic and hormonal parameters, and better balance their stress and sleep levels”, he highlights.

According to her, the difficult relationship with the scale is more common than we imagine. “On average, a person goes through eight concertina effects until, finally, he manages to lose weight and maintain the lost weight”. Therefore, it is important to prioritize steps that focus on your well-being. Check out some of them below!

Avoid screens at mealtime

Technology is already part of everyday life, but it is important that, when eating, you are more focused. “Many times we eat as if we were on automatic pilot. We do not pay attention to the feeling of hunger and satiety, nor do we chew the food properly”, explains the endocrinologist.

By doing this, you create a greater awareness of the physical and emotional signs of eating, which allows you to recognize when it is hunger or desire to eat, as well as interpret what triggers trigger the desire to eat.

Understand your hunger and your desire to eat

Although they seem synonymous, the expressions are very different: are you eating the food or your emotions? “If you are eating when you are bored, tired, stressed, sad or anxious, try to understand the triggers that trigger these feelings”, warns the doctor.

If you find it difficult to differentiate these two sensations, the endocrinologist has a tip. “I suggest keeping a diary noting what you were feeling when you went overboard with food to set up a plan to avoid abuse in other similar situations. Another idea is to act differently, substitute eating for going to bed before eating or calling a friend. Get help. from specialists, such as therapists and psychologists, in case you cannot improve on your own”, he highlights.

Have natural and healthy food at home

The time to go shopping is decisive: always leave a “stock” of fruit, yogurt and nuts at home. “Many patients ask me if they can have sweets and treats stored at home. I believe that willpower doesn’t work in most cases and I’m fully convinced that we have to organize our environment in our favor”, he suggests.

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