Health: you should avoid eating this snack at all costs when you go to the chip shop!

In general, when you go to the chip shop, it’s not to eat healthy. But there are snacks that are much higher in calories than others. In the columns of HLN, dietician Femke van Liere explained which were the most “healthy” and “unhealthy” snacks at the chip shop.

So what is the least harmful snack to eat at the chip shop? “For the average person without a specific diet, I would take calories as a guideline. And because we see a lot of cardiovascular disease, saturated fat also plays an important role in the assessment,” explains the nutrition specialist.

According to Femke van Liere, the least “harmful” snack for health is chicken satay, in other words a skewer of sautéed chicken. “It has the least number of calories and total amount of fat, especially saturated fat. But above all because it is chicken breast. And this chicken fillet does not go to the fryer, ”explains the dietician again. She explains that the spring roll is also a good choice at the chip shop: “It contains relatively little saturated fat. It is therefore a ‘second best choice’”.

But what is the least healthy snack? According to the dietician, it is… the mexicano! “It contains 390 calories. It’s a lot. And a large portion of mexicano is made up of saturated fat. The amount of salt doesn’t help either. Mexicano also has a low nutritional value, with less protein per gram than satay,” explains Femke van Liere.

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