Health problem removes Alexandre Nero from the recordings of the soap opera ‘Travessia’. Details!

Alexandre Nero, 52, had a health scare and had to take time off work. Interpreter of Stenio in “Travessia” (see summary of the soap opera chapters), the actor suffered a kidney crisis and manifested himself on social networks. On Twitter, the artist reported the intense pain he felt.

“I died, but I’m fine. It was just the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, but I’m already recording again. I’m a bad vessel”, he said. “In the middle of the kidney there was a stone / There was a stone in the middle of the kidney / I will never forget this event / In the life of my very tired ureters”, wrote Nero, playing with a poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Alexandre Nero returns to the set of ‘Travessia’ recordings

With the return of Alexandre Nero, even Globo made a statement through the “Gshow” Instagram. “We are very happy that he is already recovered and back to the recordings. We already want more Steloisa scenes to warm our hearts”, they wrote.

The artist’s fans celebrated Nero’s recovery and reacted to the publication. “Take care and drink water”, advised one. “If a bad vase doesn’t break, why do your characters die?” joked another. “Love, bathe in rock salt all over,” suggested a third.

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