Health pass: why do you have to wait seven days for the booster dose to activate the pass?

By Cécile D. Posted on January 12, 2022 at 5:22 p.m.

The QR code of the health pass which contains the information of your booster dose takes seven days to be activated after the injection. Why such a delay? Do you risk losing your pass if your vaccination appointment is too close to the expiration date of your health pass? We take stock.

Currently, the French have seven months to do their booster dose, from the date of their last injection. Many see the end of January 15th with anguish: 800,000 health passes could be turned off from Saturday, if the booster dose is not done on time.

Is it still possible to get vaccinated and keep my pass after January 15th? If your pass must be deactivated this week, then it is too late for you: there is indeed a seven day deadline, between the time the injection is performed and the time it is taken into account by the application. the QR code generated after obtaining a new dose does not arrive until a week later. During this time, the old code remains active.

If your health pass expires later, you still have time. However, be careful: look carefully at the date on which your QR code will no longer be valid (can be found on the website of theHealth Insurance, Or on Tous AntiCovid, above your certificate in use). Then, be sure to make your vaccination appointment well in advance so that your status has time to be updated: allow at least eight days, more if possible.

the Ministry of Health sums up on his site: ” Everyone who calls back will have a new QR Code, which will become valid 7 days after their injection whether it’s a 2nd, a 3rd dose or more. “If you miss the deadline to make your reminder,” The old vaccination certificate can no longer be used. In the TousAntiCovid application it will appear in the category of “expired certificates“. »

Why do you have to wait seven days for the QR code of the vaccination certificate to be updated? Because we consider that this is the time it takes to be properly protégé by this injection of the vaccine. Before that, we therefore protect people by preventing them from going to busy places such as places of recreation.

But then, what to do if your vaccination appointment was taken too late, and your health pass was disabled ? Rest assured, you don’t totally lose this pass. You will simply have to wait seven days while waiting for a new QR code to be registered on your TousAntiCovid application.

Note that if you have been tested positive to Covid-19 from your second dose of vaccine, the QR code of your positive screening test must be added to your TousAntiCovid logbook: this delays the date of your next vaccination, and allows you to keep your pass during this time.

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