Health Advisor Aha! Dangerous pitfalls of the summer

Athletes »on flashlights«

Roughly a third of Czechs exercise regularly. Others only get into sports during the holidays. Lack of training and overestimation of strength are the cause of most summer injuries. “In the summer, we mostly encounter wrist fractures, e.g. when falling over the handlebars of a bicycle, while on roller skates people break their elbows, legs or damage their knee joints. Almost everything that a person sets up during a fall breaks,” calculates Physiotherapist Iva Bílková.

TIP: A frequent mistake of recreational athletes is insufficient stretching before and after exercise. “In the beginning, the muscle must be warmed up, stretched. This can be achieved, for example, by jogging or jumping in place for three to five minutes. After the exercise, we will relax the muscles of the whole body with static stretching exercises, which will increase the removal of waste substances and the ability of the muscle to regenerate faster,” explained Bílková.

Harmful bathing

Head and spine injuries after jumping into unknown water are still common injuries. Bathing in cold water is also harmful to some. “A pool water temperature of 27 to 29 degrees is low for the muscles and not good for a person suffering from back pain. The muscles become stiffer, and when you add to that the swimming style »head sticking out above the surface«, which hurts the cervical spine, there can be no talk of healthy swimming,” says the physiotherapist.

TIP: The ideal style for straightening the spine is the stroke, but only if the swimmer can orient himself with a view of the sky or the ceiling.

Trampoline with supervision only

They are in gardens, restaurants, playgrounds. But experts strongly urge caution, because it is precisely on trampolines that ugly fractures of the humerus, spindle bone and ulna near the elbow joint are increasing.

TIP: The child should have space on the trampoline for jumping, ideally on it alone and always under supervision. If the attraction is overcrowded, unexpected impacts and ejections can occur, of which injuries tend to be the worst.

Sneaky grilling

Even grilling over an open fire can be a painful experience. In addition to hand burns, eyes are also at risk from hot ash. “Corneal burns in particular are dangerous because they can also cause permanent vision impairment,” warned Pavel Stodůlka, head of the Gemini eye clinic network.

TIP: Also, the smoke from grilling can be very aggressive and the eyes can burn and become red. Flushing the eyes with running tap water and then with artificial tears will help.

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