Headwind for “Avatar 3”: That’s why the Internet laughs at James Cameron’s plans

It may have been a coincidence with “The Way of Water”, but now a number of fans are convinced that James Cameron copied one of the best series of all time with his “Avatar” series.

13 years of waiting have apparently paid off. Because audiences can’t seem to get enough of “Avatar: The Way of Water” judging by the box office results. The sequel to the most successful film of all time has safely mastered the hurdle of 1.5 billion US dollars. According to director James Cameron, the necessary 2 billion US dollars in worldwide revenues are now a realistic goal.

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The view inevitably wanders towards the future “Avatar 3”, for which Cameron recently revealed new details. So in the next installment we will get to know evil Na’vi and as the creator of the series put it: “The fire will be represented by the ‘ash people’.” Wait a moment. Avatar, first water, now fire. Sounds like James Cameron is taking an example from the other popular “Avatar” franchise: “Avatar – The Last Airbender”.

Because in the animated series – according to IMDb ratings, the 8th best series of all time! – the avatar Aang must master the control of the four elements air, water, earth and fire in order to save the world. The world of “Avatar – The Lord of the Elements” is populated by powerful tamers who, in contrast to the avatar, can only manipulate one of the four elements and live in corresponding kingdoms and tribes.

Fans of the animated series reacted with derision to the news that after the water people in “Avatar 3” it’s really going to be the fire people:

“The brother now just copies ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, I’m laughing my ass off.”

“James Cameron copied ‘Pocahontas’ and now he’s copying ‘Avatar [– Der Herr der Elemente]’. Wow, he’s extremely unimaginative with his line.”

“So he just copies ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’?”

“Avatar” director James Cameron has already issued a warning

With Giancarlo Volpe, the director of several “Avatar – The Last Airbender” episodes had already commented on the prospect of fire playing a role in “Avatar 3” – even before the theatrical release of “Avatar: The Way of”. Water” and thus a good month before James Cameron published his plans for the third part. On Twitter, Volpe threatened not quite seriously:

“In 2004 we learned that we had to change the name of our series from ‘Avatar’ to ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ because James Cameron already owned the rights to a film called ‘Avatar’. Now the sequel is called ‘The Way of Water’. If Part 3 is called ‘The Firebending Masters’, we’ll be up in arms.”

With “The Firebending Masters” Volpe refers to the episode of the same name from Season 3, which is titled “Sonnenkrieger und Feuerdrachen” in German and is considered one of the many highlights of the series by fans. “Avatar 3” will hardly have exactly this title, but we have to assume that at least the word “Fire” will be included in it.

James Cameron can hardly be accused of a direct copy of the animated series, after all the game with the four elements is a component in several works and was not invented by “The Lord of the Elements”. Whether this is an unimaginative approach must be answered by each person for themselves. Either way, we can assume that the next part of the at least visually ambitious sci-fi series will be another blockbuster. We will certainly find out in the near future which title it will bear exactly: “Avatar 3” will finally start in German cinemas on December 18, 2024. If you don’t know the great series “Avatar – The Lord of the Elements” yet: You can stream it with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Joyn.

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