“Heading to Hell”: Explained ending of the Netflix series

CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT. “Heading to hell“Hellbound” is a South Korean supernatural horror series developed by Yeon Sang-ho (“Train to Busan”). Netflix’s fiction is set in a world where sinners supposedly receive a message with the date and time of their death, and when the time comes, supernatural beings appear to char their body and drag them to hell.

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In this world there is a new religion known as ‘The New Truth’, which ensures that the arrival of the ‘executors’ is divine justice. Jung Jinsu, the leader of that group, assures that it is a shocking phenomenon in which the angels of death emerge from hell to proclaim the revelations of God.

After seeing the beasts act, several people begin to believe in the words of Jung Jinsu, even a radical group called ‘The Spear’ arises that seeks to do “justice” on their own and persecute those who do not believe in his doctrine.

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Jung Jinsu, the leader of The New Truth, declares that only sinners go to hell (Photo: Heading to Hell / Netflix)


Detective Jin Kyunghun and lawyer Min Hyejin try to stop Jung Jinsu, but the leader of The New Truth uses the policeman’s daughter to prevent any attack and turns to journalist Kim Joegchil and La Lanza to get rid of the woman who discovered his secret. : He created that doctrine because twenty years ago he received the announcement of his death.

Before dying he leaves Joegchil at the head of the organization, which is in charge of hiding the true causes of his death and that in reality they do not know the origin of those creatures that not only take away sinners.

Four years later, The New Truth is even more powerful and although apparently the rates of violence and deaths have dropped for fear of becoming sinners and going “Heading to hell”, The reality is that not all crimes committed by La Lanza are considered.

When Bae Youngjae, a television producer making a documentary on The New Truth, discovers that his newborn son received a tip, he turns to Sodo, a mysterious organization run by Min Hyejin that hides the charred remains of the condemned to avoid public scrutiny. .

The death of Youngjae’s son could prove that the doctrine of The New Truth is a lie, so the organization intends to get rid of the mother, the son and any witnesses. However, Min Hyejin arrives at the building and with the help of one of his collaborators creates a distraction to infiltrate its facilities and rescue the baby.

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Min Hyejin is the lawyer that Sodo founded after surviving the attack by La Lanza (Photo: Netflix)
Min Hyejin is the lawyer that Sodo founded after surviving the attack by La Lanza (Photo: Netflix)


Heading to hell”Ends with the lawyer taking the baby while witnesses to the event prevent the organization’s deacons from passing. In addition, one of them is arrested by the police for assaulting an old man.

An additional scene shows the charred remains of Park Jungja, the doomed woman who agreed to broadcast live the moment her fate is decided, come back to life. What does it mean?

For now, a second season is necessary to answer all the questions that remained pending. How did you get back from hell? Was it really there?

If a second season is confirmed in Netflix, the new chapters should answer these questions, that is, explore what happens when the dead return in this way and how that will affect society’s view of death. Also, what is the origin of the supposed angels?

These are the creatures that "take to hell" the people who receive the warning. What is their origin?  (Photo: Netflix)
These are the creatures that “take to hell” the people who receive the warning. What is their origin? (Photo: Netflix)

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