He went to World War II and is viral for telling the horror he experienced on the battlefields

Bill Gosch is a 98-year-old man who lived through one of the most traumatic experiences of his life: fighting in World War II on the side of the USA and its dramatic stories in the Pacific campaign were seen by millions on social media as Youtube making viral his testimony for being one of the people who were present in the most important war conflict of humanity.

The story of a survivor

native of North Tonawandafought with the Carlson’s Raidersa special operations force in the Marine Corps and vividly recalls having to kill 20 Japanese soldiers during a mission in okinawaor escape with the jousts of an attack kamikaze in Guam.

“Eighty-odd years ago, I never thought this would happen. My world has changed, to say the least, for the better.”said Bill in an open confession to the channel Remember WWII with Rishi Sharma on YouTube, which has more than 1 million views.

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In the interview made by sharma, Gosch He regretted having taken the lives of people in the context of the war, a shame that led him to shed heartfelt tears for those men who, in his words, he took away the opportunity to start their own families: “At that time, it was something that had to be done, that had to be done”account visibly affected.

Bill recounted how difficult day-to-day survival was, revealing that he brought some objects from abroad, including a Japanese made rifle that it belonged to a soldier of the former Empire of the Rising Sun whom he shot.

For Goschthe secret of living almost 100 years It consists of being a good person, so it has a message for the new generations: “Get an education, Learn. There are many good things in this world, but you have to prepare for it.”.

Honored for his sacrifice

His country decided to recognize his sacrifice, so he was one of the seven veterans of the Second World War who was in the honor flight a Washington D.C.ensuring that it was one of the best experiences of his entire life, and boy did he have countless memorable moments.

In December, Bill Gosch will be 99 years old, but before that he will be honored on November 13 by the Veterans Day during a game of buffalo billsan American football team that will face off against the Minnesota Vikings by nflan event that will be possible thanks to the coordination made by sharma with the sports club.

Remembering the testimony of veterans

In fact, Rishi Sharma They have a non-profit organization, “Remember WW2″, where he seeks to collect all the stories of the veterans of this war. His work has borne fruit because he has interviewed more than 1,700.

Sharma, from a Hindu family, has confessed to being fascinated by the history of the Second World War since high school in The Angels. In fact, he gained notoriety when television cameras caught him on the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor where he announced that he would open a GoFundMe to conduct the interviews and, to his surprise, got 115 thousand dollars.

“There’s something so pure, and I can’t stress that word enough about that generation: They grew up wanting just to have a quiet life, they got caught up in the worst war in the history of the world. Hand-to-hand combat, 70 million dead, and they’re coming home to build our society. That idea of ​​putting others before oneself is a very attractive idea.”sentenced sharma a BuffaloNews.

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