"He wasn’t wrong" : M Pokora upset … These strong words from Jean-Jacques Goldman on his career which marked him deeply

This Monday, November 14, 2022, M Pokora was the guest of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine on the set of “C à vous”. In full promotion of his new album “Épicentre”, the singer was able to look back on his brilliant career, but also on a valuable advice that Jean-Jacques Goldman had given him at his beginnings. ” Is it true that Jean-Jacques Goldman spoke to you about your audience one day? asked Patrick Cohen to the artist. To which the principal concerned replied: “ Yes, Jean-Jacques came to see me twice in concert, and it was at the Dôme de Marseille and we talked in my dressing room. And after the concert he said to me ‘But it’s the best audience you have, because it’s the one who has already grown up with you for ten years and who will follow you’ “.

“The public grew with me”

And he wasn’t wrong because they’re still there ten years later and it’s been twenty years now, and those who were teenagers like me when I started are, like me, mothers who come with their children, with their husband and then there are older ones who have joined the wagon with the discovery of my album My way, the covers of Claude François etc. “, then added the companion of Christina Milian before concluding:” And he was right, it was the public that grew up with me. »

This is not the first time that M Pokora evokes the influence that Jean-Jacques Goldman had on his career. For Isaiah and Kenna’s dad, the interpreter of “I give you”, “Like you” and “When the music is good” is a real model. ” In France, it’s someone who started young and was destined for two or three albums by saying ‘it’s the fashion of the moment and it will pass’. And then in fact, it turns out that these teenage girls became women, then mothers and then other generations came to hang on to the wagon and it’s been a monumental career. “, he confided on Canal + a few days ago. Touching statements.


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