He wanted to play it out, but he overshot it: Do you have an IQ, Felix, are they asking the Slovaks?

Open war between Gelemovou (38) a Slováčkem (78) does not end. Felix even said that he didn’t really want to hurt Dada at all, and that it was Gelem who had forced him to throw manure on his wife.

Dada after Felix’s return: She’ll keep her lover! And Zagor’s torment continues

“I was under the influence of that woman,” the saxophonist admitted in an interview with Expres.cz to ask why Patrasovou he basically called a crazy alcoholic. Dada must really love her husband, despite his voyages across the ocean, because she believes this story infinitely. Unlike the followers, who commented on Felix’s words quite clearly, as the source Vipshow.cz informed.

“If Mr. Slováček is self-righteous, what he ever said about his wife was in his head, not that he needed help as in a theater. That’s pathetic, to say this, I don’t want to defend Miss Gelem. Being in the place of Dada, so his wife from the common house je .I feel sorry for him, he will lose his family for the romance, perhaps he does not think he is waiting for him with open arms… .His IQ is probably immeasurable….“The opinion fell in one of the discussions and the others did not take long to come.

“I’m sure Mrs. Gelem didn’t force him with a gun to his head. This is already across the line. He wanted to be with her and he was. When they broke up, it was supposed to be calm. I don’t like this when two people stop understanding each other, so don’t throw dirt on each other. And so once they were in love… ”

Well … there is one beautiful saying and maybe the Slovak should adopt it. It reads: Let it not stink.

Is Felix’s exile threating problems with the financier? And the sinful night of Shebrle

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