"He walked away with" : Matthieu Delormeau dropped by a "beautiful ass" after giving him a luxury car

After a year of absence, Matthieu Delormeau made his comeback in “Touche pas à mon poste” last September. The columnist of Cyril Hanouna had decided to leave the show to undertake new projects, far from the light. Ultimately, this break was short-lived. Since his return in “Touche pas à mon poste”, Matthieu Delormeau has told many anecdotes about his private life.

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This Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Cyril Hanouna asked his columnists what was the craziest gift they had offered to a loved one. While Valérie Benaim recalled a romantic weekend in Venice, the city of lovers, the comedian Booder declared: “A child”. Touching anecdotes! Not like the one told by Matthieu Delormeau.

The former NRJ 12 host recalled giving an overpriced gift to a man with whom he was in a relationship. “I offered a car”, begins Matthieu Delormeau before being interrupted by Cyril Hanouna: “No, but something else, a surprise”. “But what a surprise? It is not a surprise that? You go down, you have a Cayenne (of the Porsche mark, editor’s note) which is in the garage. Attention, used but GTS”, tells Matthieu Delormeau before continuing : “I was very much in love. It’s still beautiful a used car like that. It had 42,000 kilometers, I brought it from Germany”.

A beautiful gift worth several tens of thousands of euros which was not enough to save the couple from Matthieu Delormeau. “He stayed three months, he left with”, laments the columnist who did not hesitate to reveal the first name of his ex and treat him as “beautiful asshole”. “You are a beautiful pigeon”, launches a columnist of TPMP. “I was young, I was crazy,” he still defends himself. “He was above all very stupid”, jokes Cyril Hanouna. What is certain is that Matthieu Delormeau is not ready to start over!


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