He turns 12 and gets stuck in Sicily. "Without a reinforced green pass, he cannot leave"

Test Covid in aeroporto (Ansa)

Syracuse January 15, 2022 – In times of Covid and Green pass, strengthened or not, a paradoxical story comes from Sicily. The protagonist is a boy who turned 12 on January 9 and was stranded on the island the next day because, not vaccinated and therefore without Super Green pass, he could not board the plane for Milan, where he had to rejoin his mother. His father, a 46-year-old from Noto, in Syracuse, reported the incident. “I am the victim of an ignorance that is rampant, and of the lack of flexibility on the part of some”, says Marcello who has tried them all, but who in the end had to give up: he won the Dpcm which establishes the new rules for the Green pass revenue effective from 10 January.

The man and his wife are separated, she lives in Milan. The two have a son, who lives with the woman but is in shared foster care. The holiday periods have been set by the judge, the couple respects them for the sake of the child. “From 3 to 9 January my son was in Sicily with me – explains his father -. On the 9th he turned 12 years old and the day after he was scheduled to fly back to Milan. When we arrived at the airport on 10 January I shown the documents and the negative result of the molecular buffer but the Sac employee (the airport management company ed.) told me that he could not board “.

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The reason is soon said: “The dpcm, which had entered into force that day, authorizes boarding only to vaccinated twelve-year-olds. I pointed out that the swab was negative, that the child had to return to school but above all that there is a sentence of the judge that establishes the days in which my son can stay with me and that I cannot violate in order not to have criminal consequences “. Nothing to do, the baby is not moving for now. Immediately vaccinated, he must wait 15 days to obtain the green certification that will finally allow him to leave for Milan. In the meantime, he remains in Sicily. “Even if he is happy to be with me and with the grandmothersi am missing school days because of ignorance. “Among other things, from 10 January the Super Green pass it is also mandatory to embark on interregional ferries, therefore also to cross the Strait. A measure that unleashed the wrath of the mayor of Messina, Catello De Luca, who threatened to block the port of the city if the provision was not modified.

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