He turned his backyard into a pool and divides TikTok users over the decision

The dream of many families is to have their own pool, but very few manage to make it a reality. In Mexico, a mother decided to turn the small patio of her house into a swimming pool. the video was made viral and the results surprised users of TikTokalthough there were divided opinions on the decision.

User Karen Sauceda () posted the video that went viral on TikTok for the “before” and “after” construction. “Who comes up with a pool in such a small patio?” She asked at the beginning of the clip, while showing the photo of the discovered space.

Then you can see in the images the construction process, which lasted several days. The final result surprised users of social networks, although more than one warned of the danger it could cause.


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“It could be dangerous”

The user Karen Sauceda is the mother of a baby and some users made their concern public about the fact that an accident would happen. “It makes me anxious to see that she has a baby and that the pool is at door level. I hope that when the baby walks, that door is not open.opined a user.

Other users warned that the construction of a pool could cause damage to the structures of the house, given the proximity to the rooms.

“Doesn’t it damage the structure of the house by having accumulated water so close to the foundations?”, one user asked. “Everything is very nice, but joking aside, if the neighbor complains, goodbye pool”, one user commented.

Although there were criticisms, there were also opinions favorable to the user’s decision.

Is it convenient to have a pool in the backyard of your house?

The place listed some reasons why it is not convenient to build a pool in the backyard of your house:

  • High installation costs
  • Maintenance time and money
  • Security issues
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Repair expenses
  • Does not help in the sale of the house

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