He thought he wrote her a love letter, but it turned out to be a breakup text.

In TikTok shows, once again, an unusual event that has surprised thousands of users. Karla Velarde, user of the platform with He shared an experience that has generated rejection and other points of view of how a relationship had ended through a letter. She thought it was a nice detail of love, but it was the opposite.

The young woman in this story reported in a video that she had gone out with her friends and that everything was going normally, until she received a message from her then-partner, informing her that she had “a surprise” for her.

Arriving home, Karla realized that the man had left several sheets of text on her bed. The woman, at first, thought that her boyfriend had written her a love letter, but it really wasn’t that.

According to another video published by the young woman in TikTok, the subject wrote several paragraphs where he informed him that the sentimental relationship was ending. The news took the woman by surprise, and she couldn’t contain her tears at that moment.

But that is not all, since the girl, in a new clip, indicated that she had a conversation with a friend, who told her that the subject had tried to match her on a dating application. revealed that Karla, as a result of telling everything that happened to her, received many messages of support from users.

What is the easiest way to break?

Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush or hint at the fact that you want to break up without saying so. A less direct approach may seem kinder at the time, but it is not, the portal points out. .

What is a viral video?

A viral video is a clip that becomes popular after several people share it over the internet through social networks, online services or specialized websites such as Youtube.

The reason why it is shared is because it causes fury and impact on the viewers who watch it, motivating them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until reaching millions of views.

How many views does it take for a video to go viral?

“For a video to be considered viral, it must be widely distributed on the web and reach a large number of views in a short time. There is no precise measure of how many views a video would have to have to be considered viral, but Business Insider made an article about it after the first million views”Explain .

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