“He stabbed me with his keys”: Taxi driver (30) testifies after heavy traffic aggression


The police had to intervene last Thursday for a serious form of road rage in Bruges. A 30-year-old taxi driver was attacked by a 55-year-old motorist, who had previously chased him for several minutes. The two had to be separated. Images show how the 55-year-old man damages the taxi. “I couldn’t let that happen, could I?” says taxi driver Jens Demeulemeester.

Junior Verbeeke and Elisa Vincke

“We are indeed talking about a serious form of traffic aggression,” says Lien Depoorter, spokeswoman for the Bruges police. And that is no exaggeration. Images show how two men physically get into trouble with each other on the Dijver on Thursday around 3 p.m.

The 55-year-old motorist and taxi driver Jens had crossed each other in the traffic between the station and the Zand. The motorist accused the taxi driver of cutting him off. That was the germ of the incident. “I saw in my mirror how the man continued to chase me. I had to pick up a customer at the Dijver, and even made a few detours to get rid of him. But at a certain point I had to stop with the customer. And then he came to my car. In a fairly aggressive way.”


“Act normally”, or “stay away from me and go away”: the video of the taxi driver certainly leaves nothing to the imagination. Images show how the 55-year-old man taps the window with his car key and asks him to get out.

“When I refused, he tried to tear off my car mirror and even tried to loosen a tire.” At that moment Jens decides to get out. “I couldn’t let that happen, could I?” he wonders. “I tried to calm the man down and defended myself. But once we were on the ground, of course I didn’t let it happen.”

Jens suffered a few cuts in his arm. “When I restrained him, he stabbed me with his key,” it sounds.

Physical aggression

The police finally arrived on the spot and made a report. “We have separated the two men and an official report has been drawn up. Both men were not injured, although according to one man there is some damage to his watch,” said Lien Depoorter.

Jens especially hopes that the court will now do its job, because he is very passionate about it. According to the taxi driver, his car was also damaged. Work was no longer possible on Thursday. “I work for a company, but drive as if it were for myself,” says the man. “My work is my everything. Sometimes as a driver you come into contact with physical aggression. I always try to avoid that because I’m not like that. I hope I never have to experience anything like that again.”

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