He set fire to the doors of churches: 30-year-old reported in Muggiò. The images of the first fire: how he started the fire – Video

It was on fire church doors and damaged cars: a 30 years old was reported by the police. The events took place in the municipality of He mooed, in the province of Monza and Brianza. To trigger the investigation, in the 2021, was the fire of the main entrance door of the San Carlo Church, right in Muggiò. Thanks to images from video surveillance recorded in the area, the carabinieri have reconstructed the dynamics of the first fire. The man, dressed in black and with a balaclava on his face, approached the door, placed a trigger and lit the fire.

On other occasions he punctured the tires of some parked cars, and set fire to other religious places. Having identified the alleged perpetrator, the military searched his home, where they found clothing and objects used for the arsonists. Some citizens, through social media, have repeatedly reported the presence of strange writings near the vandalized churches, which would refer to Satan, but at the moment it has not been ascertained the connection with the author of the vandalism.

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