He rescues Condor, but ends up calling the Police when he puts him on his motorcycle: “He pecked my back”

Many people fear condors because they are large birds, however, in Argentina a couple had no problem approaching one of them when they realized he was injured. The unusual thing happened later: when the animal was taken to a motorcycle to take it to the nearest veterinarian, it began to peck the driver’s back. The images were made viral in the social media.

The unusual event occurred last Thursday in the Traslasierra valley, Córdoba, next to Route 148, a few kilometers from the border with the province of San Luis, according to reports. eldoce.tv. A couple from the Cordoba town of La Paz was touring the place on their motorcycle, when they suddenly noticed that a condor was injured. After examining him, both chose to put him in their vehicle and take him to the nearest veterinarian.

“We came on the motorcycle with my husband and that caught our attention on the side of the road. He had a hurt leg and couldn’t fly.” declared Mariela Becerra to eldoce.tv.

The woman was driving the motorcycle and her husband was behind with the bird. During the journey, however, she felt the condor’s bites on her back, which became more and more unbearable. “So we decided to stop on the side of 148 and call the police,” told the website.

“I don’t know if it is a dangerous animal, but it started to sting me quite strongly, it has a very sharp beak. It must weigh about 10 kilos.he added.

An Argentine couple rescued an injured condor and tried to take it to a veterinarian in Córdoba. The man was the one who took him from the wing, but his girlfriend was the one affected: she received pecks on the back. (Photo: eldoce.tv).

Environmental Police took charge of the condor

A police patrol observed the couple on the road and was struck by a singular fact: Becerra’s husband had the animal by one of its wings. After the meeting, they contacted the Environmental Police and a few minutes later the specialized unit attended to the incident.

Local media reported that the condor was injured in one of its legs, but it is already in good condition. The authorities are investigating how he got to Traslasierra.

The Argentine Environmental Police was alerted to the presence of the condor and went to the scene to take charge of the case.  The animal is in good condition.  (Photo: ladoce.tv).
The Environmental Police of Argentina was alerted to the presence of the condor and went to the scene to take charge of the case. The animal is in good condition. (Photo: ladoce.tv).

What is an Andean condor like?

The Andean condor, also condor de los Cerros, condor de los Andes, or simply condor (Vultur gryphus), is one of the largest birds on the planet, as explained National Geographic. The bird is also a national symbol of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, which is why it has a very important role in the mythology and folklore of the Andean regions. The bad news is that it is in danger of extinction worldwide.

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