He remains in the care of his nephew and minor has an epic ‘fall’ while the young man slept

An young He was left in the care of his nephew for a couple of hours, but failed at first. What happened? Sleep won him over and he missed the epic ‘fall’ suffered by the baby, who seemed more like he was watching over the older adult. The video was posted online TikTok and the scene took place in Chile.

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His name is Matías Cerón and, most likely, they will not leave his nephew again for a long time because he failed in his attempt as a babysitter. The young man was caught sleeping very pleasantly, while the baby struggled not to sleep.

As can be seen in the audiovisual material, the little boy was dying of sleep but he was holding on with all his might. The subject, for his part, was already dreaming of the little angels and didn’t even know what was happening around him.


My richest little boy 😂😂 I’m no good as an uncle 😂

♬ original sound – Matias Cerón

This funny scene was recorded on video by his sister, who decided to check if he was really taking care of his son, but he was very surprised to see him sleeping. Her father and her grandmother also witnessed it.

After struggling for several minutes, the baby couldn’t take it anymore and fell exhausted on the pillows. It was there that the family entered the room and woke up the uncle, who did not know what was happening. The most picturesque comment was that of the grandmother.

“Did you see him when he died?” joked the older adult, who witnessed the baby’s ‘fall’ while her caregiver ‘was in others’. The video adds more than 712 thousand reproductions since Sunday, May 8. The scene took place in Chile.

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