He received a bullet in the neck, his girlfriend accompanied him in recovery and he proposed to her

A romantic history is telling the time social networks. After receiving a bullet in the neck, Nahuel Pedemonte was fighting for his life. Fortunately, he managed to recover and a year later he proposed to Lourdes Dahiana, who never left his side, in a very original way.

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After suffering a brutal attack in the city of Corriente (Argentina), Nahuel Pedemonte, 23, occupied an intensive care bed at the José Francisco de San Martín School Hospital for five and a half months. Making a miraculous recovery, the boy decided to start 2022 on the right foot.

He proposed to his girlfriend in a box of Milanese

In a very special way, Nahuel Pedemonte asked his beloved Lourdes to marry, who stood firm by his side supporting him throughout the rehabilitation. “I ordered a Milanese from the Neapolitan with potatoes at the rotisserie and asked them to write a little note: ‘Do you want to marry me?'” he said.

After receiving the ‘surprise’, Lourdes Dahiana, 22 years old, could not believe it and immediately Nahuel He showed her the ring. The moving scene was recorded in all corners of the Internet.

“It was a very nice moment. We were drinking tereré, we took a siesta, we woke up, we talked for a while and the time came. I had everything planned, but I was still super nervous.” Pedemonte told the portal .

The love story between Nahuel and Lourdes

Lourdes and Nahuel met during the pandemic. “I met her through friends we had in common, but I never thought she was going to give me a ball. I saw her as beautiful, almost unattainable”, he confessed. After exchanging reactions in Instagram, both took the next step and began a romantic relationship. “He was a very important pillar for me. My life will not be enough to thank him.” precise Pedemonte.

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