He raped his daughter-in-law every day in Charleroi: 10 years for the man but also for the mother!

The expectations of the judgment were scathing, both for the father-in-law abuser that for the resigning mother: “Her failure to help her daughter was an encouragement, she was aware of the abuses and facilitated the sly and abject acts committed on her own daughter when she was only 11 years old” .

Djamel, the father-in-law, who has been in prison since the start of the investigation, is sentenced to 10 years in prison. Sabrina, the mother, who had been able to remain at liberty under conditions, was condemned to the same penalty while the prosecution had required “only” 8 years. Her immediate arrest was ordered at the hearing and she left the court, in tears, under police escort.

► “My stepfather has raped me every day since I was 11”: the victim tells what happened to him

The mother has changed her version and cries out for the innocence of her companion
: “I couldn’t accept it …”

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