He quit his job to earn a thousand dollars a day doing the unthinkable: “it’s disgusting, but I love it”

Spencer Claeys was dedicated to modeling, but realizing that there was no future, she left the world of catwalks to focus on a new venture that, she has proven, is much more profitable for her: cleaning garbage from the roofs of houses and its history has impacted millions in TikTok. The video was made trendearning the respect of Internet users.

Leaving everything for their own dreams

spencer lives in Seattle, USAleft the glamour, the catwalks for a job that almost nobody wants to do, this being the factor of its success, since it satisfies a demand that has little supply in its city, for which it has the luxury of charging, for example, $200 to clean roofsgutters mainly because homeowners refuse to do it themselves.

on your channel TikTok, @spencerclaeyssays that this work takes him about 1 hour, so he can take other clients and then rest or do whatever he wants during the day: “it is the easiest and fastest way I found to earn money,” he says in one of your most viewed videos.

Watch the viral video here

“A lot of people don’t believe me when I say they can make $100 or $200 an hour cleaning roofs and gutters. But the truth is, you can earn even more than that if you price it well and do it quickly. The reason for this is simple: people don’t want to do it themselves, they could, but there are literally countless examples of things they can and don’t want to do.”express Spencer in TikTok.

And insists that one should know when to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us: “This is what it is and makes a business. A business makes someone’s life more convenient.”in addition to revealing that autumn is the season with the greatest demand, because the ceilings must be cleaned once a year.

Starting with zero dollars

In a video that exceeds 11 million views, spencer He tells us that he started his business with zero dollars and only his old toyota corollaafter which, for doing a good job, he made contacts that allowed him to grow:

Watch the viral video here

I quit low-paying jobs, joined the military, but it didn’t work out; went to college, took more boring jobs, but nothing allowed me to make money with my own hands. You are the only person who can save you, you are the one who has to get up, leave the excuses and leave. Life isn’t fair, it never will be, but the fact is, if you’re watching this video on a thousand dollar cell phone in the United States, you’re lucky enough to be.”sentenced.

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