He Quit His Job And Now Earns $30K A Month As An Influencer On TikTok

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There are people who have stopped working for companies and have decided to carry out their own projects. An example of this is the American Hoffman Smith, who became a content creator and influencer in TikTok. Now he earns US$ 30 thousand a month and here we tell you his history.

Hoffmann Smith He was born in Denver, the capital and largest city of the US state of Colorado. As she grew older, she dreamed of becoming an actress, singer or having her own talk show, she revealed to .

She entered the University of Colorado Boulder and soon founded a nonprofit organization called Live Without Dreams, which donated books to girls in developing countries. When she was in her junior year she transferred to Brown University, where she became even more interested in business issues.

He returned to his hometown in 2018 and worked for a company, but soon after he quit to start new projects. He then moved to New York, shortly before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and there he founded a copywriting agency when he was only 23 years old.

TikTok changed his life

Interested in creating content, Smith turned to TikTok and began posting videos related to advice on spirituality and goal achievement.

As her followers believed, the young woman decided to launch a personal development brand to help others find happiness and achieve personal and professional goals. Today, she is a full-time businesswoman and she earns $30,000 a month from her business, according to her website.

On his TikTok account, he has exceeded 400 thousand followers and is not far behind on Instagram (127 thousand) as well as on YouTube (11 thousand). Not only do you get revenue from advertising, for your content, they are for associating with important brands such as amazon.

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In addition, it provides individual coaching services, group sessions, and offers other courses to its audience.

“Something you enjoy doing”

About people interested in the business world, the influencer gave some advice.

“The more you can focus on how you are serving others, the better,” he said.

He then added, “Make sure it’s something you really enjoy doing. I don’t think thinking from the perspective of what makes you the most money is the best way to go.”

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