He pushes the car on the cycle path to avoid the alcohol test: 26-year-old arrested, fined and driving license withdrawn

How to avoid a police checkpoint and escape the alcohol test? Two men got out of the car they were traveling in and pushed the vehicle to a cycle path, then get back in the car and drive away by beating the lane reserved for bicycles. This is what happened on a regional road in the autonomous community of Murcia, Spain, on 10 July. Videos made by other drivers had been around the web. Due to police checks, there was a long queue of cars and two men of African descent had devised this plan to push the car along the slope that led to a bike path below. Perhaps to prevent the driver from testing positive for the alcohol test.

Less than a month later, as Laverdad.es reports, the investigations have ended. The driver was identified and arrested: he is a 26-year-old Senegalese, also nailed thanks to the videos made by other motorists who, amused, had immortalized the story. But now the 26-year-old is in trouble: he is in fact accused of having deliberately avoided police checks, driving with an expired license and not having carried out a periodic overhaul of the car. Not only: his driving license was withdrawn and he received a fine of 500 euros. There is also a complaint against him, and at the end of the investigation he risks being tried.

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