He played a soccer game with his team and took an exam at the same time

Many people have had to sacrifice a day of sports to attend to their studies. However, in Argentina, an 18-year-old girl did both at the same time. A photo of her taking an exam on the side of the field where her team played was taken viral in social networks and here we tell you the history.

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The protagonist of this story is Lucia Stieben, a soccer fan who currently plays for Club Atlético y Social San Benito, a team from Entre Ríos. The 18-year-old has been studying Kinesiology in the city of Santa Fe since this year.

This month he had to take a partial exam of the difficult Anatomy course, for which he had been preparing for several weeks, according to what he told the program , from Aire Santa Fe. To his misfortune, he found out that he had to take the difficult test at the same time that his club would face Rosario Central. Although it was a friendly match, the young woman wanted to show herself to an important club of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

From that moment, Lucia was at a crossroads. “I was wondering what to do, whether to perform or play, because both things crossed my path and I didn’t know what to do. We don’t always have the opportunity to play against an AFA club. I talked about it with me and DT told me to take the things from the studio to the game, that we were going to see how we organized ourselves “said the young woman to the Argentine media.

He took the exam in the first half and then played

The initial whistle of the game coincided with the beginning of the examination of Lucía, who had placed herself to one side of the field and with all her sports clothing.

“I was warming up to play the game. When I saw that it was already 5:00 p.m., the time I had to give up, I went and spoke with the technician. He told me ‘well, go give it up’ and I left with all my things behind the bench ”narrated.

One of the people who was on the court captured that moment and later posted it on social media, quickly going viral.

After Lucía finished the exam, she warmed up and her coach arranged for her to enter the court to play the final minutes of the second half.

Although the result was not favorable to Club Atlético and Social San Benito, Lucía had the luxury of taking care of two things at the same time and showing herself against a team of the stature of Rosario Central. In addition, hours later she found out that she had passed the exam.

“Anatomy is a difficult subject, but luckily I passed with 7, it was quite complicated”, revealed the Argentine player.

The day after the game, the young woman began to study the same Anatomy course again, since she had to take an oral exam.

Lucía Stieben took an Anatomy exam, while the team played a match against Rosario Central. She entered the field after completing the test. (Photo: Facebook).

“Football is what I love the most”

As a child, Lucía began to play soccer until she considered doing it professionally. In her team, she plays as an offensive or forward midfielder, as indicated to the aforementioned medium. “I love playing soccer, it’s what I love the most,” stressed the young woman.

Currently, Lucía is part of the team with her other two sisters (they are identical triplets). “We were always exactly the same. Now we are a little more distinguishable, but when we were little, everyone always confused us, that is already normal for us and we take it with humor ”, referred, as reproduced .

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