He made his father believe that he had bought a car, but he ended up being the surprised one

A young man she asked her father if he could accompany her to pick up the new car she had bought, thanks to her efforts over several years and, above all, because she wanted to stop having to get around on foot. Her father gladly accepted without imagining the surprise she was about to receive. The moving video of the moment was posted on TikTok and accumulates thousands of reproductions to date.

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Andrea Morales knows that it is currently difficult to get around in these times, so she decided to buy a car for greater comfort. The young man It was clear from the beginning: the car was not going to be for her, but for her favorite person.

The young woman, from Tampicoa city and port in Mexico, located in the Huasteca Region of the state of Tamaulipas, told her father that she had bought a car and asked him to accompany her to pick it up at the company.

@andreamoralesgran Happy father’s day in advance ❤️ it’s your father’s day, birthday and christmas gift 😂 it’s yours and mine but more mine than yours 🤭 hahahaha I love you with all my heart 🥰🥰 #happy Father’s Day #fyp #viral #love you ♬ original sound – Andrea Morales Grande

The man, who was wearing a mustard shirt and blue jeans, was amazed at how beautiful the vehicle was and congratulated his daughter on her new acquisition. What he never imagined is that the car was his gift in advance for Father’s Day, birthdays and even Christmas.

“No way, dad. You’re gonna keep moving me I can walk on foot, but my dad brings a new car ”, wrote Andrea, who earned praise from users for her noble gesture. The video adds 486 thousand views and 32 thousand ‘likes’, which makes it a viral video in Internet.

How to celebrate Father’s Day without spending money?

  • Write a riddle. You can create it based on family memories, your dad’s favorite hobbies, or things you’d like to thank him for.
  • Collect your favorite phrases.
  • Write a poem.
  • Create a video.

According to information from Majority.com.

What day is Father’s Day celebrated in the State of Mexico?

Father’s Day in Mexico, as every year, is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month, so this time the celebration will be June 19, according to ElFinanciero.com.

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