"He looks really smart, this Arthur Germain!" : Pascal Praud atomizes the son of Anne Hidalgo for his happening during the legislative elections

If the Nupes alliance (New Popular Ecological and Social Union) achieved a score of 25.7% on the evening of the first round of the legislative elections, it is not thanks to the voice of Arthur Germain. The son of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo and Jean-Marc Germain, former socialist deputy of Hauts-de-Seine, did not vote.

Arthur Germain’s happening has no more to Pascal Praud

On the Web, he shared a photo which has amused” Pascal Praud… This June 13, on the set of L’heure des pros, the bespectacled host explained: “it’s Arthur Germain you may have seen his tweet, he’s the son of Anne Hidalgo… So he put his newsletter in the trash. He seems really intelligent Arthur Germain, really I don’t don’t know him but…”

One who defines himself as “Adventurer, Explorer, Utopian“, who crossed the English Channel by swimming in 2018, and the descent of the Seine in 2021, “did not vote” ! This is what he announced on his account, showing himself throwing his ballot in the trash. And to add in his message: “When changing the rules of the game is no longer enough, it is the game that must be changed”.

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On set, the journalist from CNews judged: “So and then he staged himself with this interesting air that he has in this photo the son of Anne Hidalgo who does not vote”. Around him, his guests recalled that he had not voted for his own mother either, in the last presidential election, judging him rather ungrateful. Daring to play on words, Pascal Praud concluded the sequence by ironically: “He is obviously not swimming in happiness and he is not happy with the election in any case”.

He has his own ideas…

As a reminder, last April, Arthur Germain voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, defending in the columns of Parisian : “I have my ideas, I have my opinion, which is not necessarily that of my family“. A support that he did not maintain, a few weeks later, to send the Insoumis to Matignon …


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