"He knows how far he can go with each of the columnists" : in a rare interview, Valérie Bénaïm talks about her relationship with Cyril Hanouna

If Valérie Bénaïm is known for her status as a host on television and radio, you should also know that she is an author and has also written several books. This Saturday, January 15, 2022, it was on RTL radio, in the program “On refait la télé” presented by Eric Dussart and Jade, that she was expected to promote her new book called “Le bougon gentleman”. A book dedicated to actor and director Jean-Pierre Bacri, who sadly passed away last year.

During this stint on the radio, the 52-year-old host also and of course mentioned her role as a columnist in the program “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8. “Snakes, tarantulas, parachute jumping, disguises of all kinds…” launched Eric Dussart to remind her that she has, many times, been abused live on the set, by Cyril Hanouna. If Valérie Benaïm explained that she accepts this kind of fun, she has however imposed a limit not to be exceeded. She thus revealed that she will always categorically refuse to “show [son] totally naked dream body….”: “That, obviously, I couldn’t do but he won’t ask me Cyril. He’s very smart. Because he knows how far he can go with each of the columnists. He knows our limits. Me, my limit c is to talk about my private life, my companion, so he flirts with… Because we suspect that at 50, I have someone in my life” she asserted.

Valérie Bénaïm: her companion Patrice refuses to come on set
And while some of the chroniclers’ companions and companions have already signed several appearances in TPMP, Patrice, the darling of Valérie Bénaïm, happily nicknamed “Patoche” by Cyril Hanouna will never come on set: “He doesn’t want to, I don’t want to, it’s very good that it’s like that: a somewhat fantasized character. One shot it’s a nerdy old history teacher who smokes a pipe, another it’s a tattooed biker… That’s it and whatever, it’s funny, it doesn’t bother me and we don’t go any further than that. These are my limits” explained Valérie Bénaïm.

In return, the host assures that she will always be up for live happenings: “Cyril knows that I am a big coward but, paradoxically, I have something that means that when someone says to me ‘Chiche’ well I ‘go there so it can give sequences.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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