He kicked me out of the apartment for masturbation

Hello, I want to confide in you with a very intimate problem. It started about three months ago, after coming home from a wild party, my friend and I went to bed normally. In the morning after waking up, my angry partner told me that I was moaning and masturbating at night. He wanted to join me, but I pushed him away. This thing is repeated about once a week. My friend is so upset that he once confiscated my keys and threw me out of the apartment, and he is constantly in danger of breaking up. Of course, I don’t remember anything in the morning. I don’t understand it at all, my friend and I have a normal full sex life, we also have sex several times a day. Please advise me what to do.

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Maybe it would be appropriate to visit a sex counseling center with a friend, where you would discuss the whole problem with a specialist. Also, try to avoid situations after which this condition will occur (parties with excessive alcohol consumption, when you do not remember anything the next day). Talk to your partner about this.

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