He jumped about the cause of his son’s death: Hell, which he doesn’t even want to believe

Jacob He jumped up he was the owner of the transport company BusLine since 2014. However, an unnamed entrepreneur was supposed to interfere in his business and it was speculated that he really controlled the company. It was because of him that the company faced several criminal prosecutions, and Jakub, of course, was bothered by this.

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Ivan Vyskočil gave the eXtra.cz website a short interview and answered the question of what he thought was the cross-section of his son’s suicide. “He kept interfering in his company, “ said a sad father. He also described how his son had felt and acted in the last days before the suicide.

“It simply came to our notice then. Basically, the man was mentally abusing him. And for a long time. And the cup simply overflowed. He shouldn’t have done that, of course. It is horrible. We are all terribly overwhelmed by it. “ added the actor, who also had a best friend in his son.

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