He goes to the restaurant with ‘Chucky’ and the video is all the rage on TikTok

People often go to restaurants accompanied by their partners, family and friends, but they very rarely bring dolls with them to share a table. This unusual event happened in a local Mexico and it turned viral in TikTok.

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The clip was uploaded to her TikTok account by user Stephany Sequeira () and surprised thousands of users by the curious scene, which took place in a seafood restaurant in Mexico.

According to the images, a man appears sitting at a table waiting for his order, while a doll stands out at his side. After using the user’s zoom, it is seen that it is the Chucky doll, the famous diabolical doll.

The curious thing is that the doll is not only sitting, as if it were just another diner, but also has a napkin on it and even a knife, as part of the cutlery on a table.

The Mexican user used the audio of SpongeBob “What is that”, which has become the new TikTok trend, as background sound.

The reaction of the users

The video was uploaded last Wednesday and, to date, has exceeded 276,000 views, in addition to 19,000 likes. The reaction of the users was immediate: “Wow, it even came prepared with its cutlery, how elegant the French one was”, “And it arrived prepared”, were some of the comments that stood out.

Who is Chucky?

Chucky is a fictional character from the Child’s Play horror film series created by Don Mancini. According to is described as a Good Guy doll, who was possessed through voodoo magic by serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

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