He found love on the Internet, traveled to meet her and found out that she already had a boyfriend

In recent days, the user identified as Ángel Montoya () he turned viral for his sad love story that he had to live in Mexico. Her “dramatic” story was recorded on a video, which accumulated more than 8 million views on the streaming platform. TikTok.

Many people often meet through the online world. Some even fall in love and, without thinking twice, travel thousands of kilometers to see each other. However, this practice can also lead to not-so-happy endings. something like this happened to Angel Montoya.

love disappointment

As reported , @montoya_ft took a flight to get to the city of Hermosillo (Sonora)with the intention of meeting Valeria in person. “I decided to travel again to meet the girl I’ve been talking about since the pandemic began,” Montoya pointed out.

When he entered the plane, Ángel did not hesitate to tell the girl that he was traveling to go see her. However, the message did not sit well with the woman. “Oh, what a shame indeed. Excuse me, but I don’t think we can meet.” he pointed.

In that sense, Valeria revealed that she was not single. “Oh, what a shame indeed. Excuse me, but I don’t think we can meet. The truth is that, well, I have a boyfriend and in a pandemic I was very bored. What a shame really”, added the girl through an audio.

Shocked by the confession, the Mexican wrote to him again. “Hey, but I already took the plane. Say, don’t do this to me.” express. In his story, @montoya_ft specified that “He told me just as the plane took off”.

sympathize with the young

Immediately, the peculiar story of Ángel Montoya became a trend and accumulated various opinions. Some criticized the girl’s attitude, while others shared similar situations

“I need it to go viral and the boyfriend sees this TikTok”; “I would get too stressed and anxious if they told me that they come to visit me without warning”; “what a bad friend. God will put someone who values ​​you”were some of the comments.

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