"He does too much", "we see it too much on M6" : Cyril Lignac’s new show "The cake academy" annoy viewers…

Since May 23, Cyril Lignac offers a new show on M6 titled “The Academy of Cakes”. The concept: 24 people wishing to convert to pastry follow an accelerated training course with Cyril Lignac, Ophélie Barès and Desly Brami. The best student in the class will win 10,000 euros, a CAP in pastry but above all: a job offer within Cyril Lignac’s group.

An original recipe but does not convince and even worse, which annoys viewers. Whereas Tele-Leisure opened the debate on this subject, the feedback is quite negative and points the finger at the TV star chef. “I followed the first few days but I stopped. It’s a loud and Cyril Lignac does too much. He keeps grimacing and always repeats the same things”, commented a certain Corentin. And it’s not better for Paule, who made the following observation: “It’s as if in France there is only one chef! Between ‘The best pastry chef’, ‘Tous en cuisine’ and ‘L’academie des cakes’, we see too much Cyril Lignac on M6.

Cyril Lignac annoys and it shows on the audience side… “‘Cake Academy’ Crashes, Hits Low on Both Indicators”taught us ozap on June 11 by revealing the figures from Médiamétrie. However, the Chef has been facing tough opponents lately on TV: Nadal, Djokovic and Alcaraz at Roland Garros. Business to follow therefore, especially since the show also makes people happy, like Carmen. “The recipes made by the candidates are worthy of great chefs. Every evening, I admit that it makes me hungry! Cyril is kind and never aggressive, even when the pastry chefs are not perfect”.

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