He dated Mecca in Russia with this cat

He started playing the guitar, among other things, because of the girls, so that he could court them more easily. He never felt like a women’s hunter, but he still felt more confident with the guitar. He quickly got married (he had to), but he devoted himself more to music and after a while they broke up with their first wife Helga. Although they did not divorce until 1987, they effectively stopped living together in the 1970s. Denisa’s daughter from this volume is known mainly for her beautiful song of the same name.

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FULL RECORD: Mira Žbirka’s funeral († 69): Ceremony with the president and Babiš, Černocká did not get inside

“I was more on the road, I lived music. I had to pay my bills, make money, and it escaped me that I wasn’t really home at all,He said self-critically. However, the episode from the end of the seventies is significant. Modus then went on a long tour of the Soviet Union, where he met colleagues from other friendly countries of the socialist bloc. “At that time, the popular Hungarian singer Judith Szücz also traveled with us. She could walk in it. She was sexy, well-read, nice. And she did a great party. With caviar, champagne, “Miroslav Žbirka once recalled. He admitted that they had been close, for hours and hours they had something to talk about. Only in Honza Vedral’s book, where he maps his career and life in more detail, did he talk more. The singer Jiří Helekal packed the singer openly on tour.

He spoke mysteriously of the beautiful Judith


Photo Aha! – Pavel Machan, ČTK / Stanislav Peška, ara

“A two-meter funny and eloquent athlete, it was clear in advance. But over time, I had the feeling that it would be Laco Lučenič who would get it. But she still came to see me! ” Mecca thought it was a misunderstanding. He said he never felt like “Alain Delon” came to town. He was a student and a wren against the alpha male Helekal and the enchanting Lučenič. No chance! But somehow it sparkled and Meky played beautiful Hungarians on the guitar, they spent crossings in the coupe and then in the rooms, chatting and who knows what else. “Judith and I were conspirators who lived in a closed world. I won’t tell you more, but the fact is that the Hungarian singer Judith Szücz has played a role in my life. “ said Miroslav Žbirka, who certainly had women and girls at his feet, but he never boasted of “trophies”.

There will be no state funeral of Žbirka ?! And Rosák’s wife has a covid after the 3rd vaccination!

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